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Another newbie.

2309454466?profile=originalHi. I posted in the "general discussions" but probably should have posted here as this is about my child.

So, sorry for the cross posting.

 I took my 10 year old daughter to the doctor's Monday for something totally unrelated and as a side note happ

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Newly Diagnosed

My son has been recently diagnosed with Vitiligo. He will be four years old in September. His spots seem to be spreading fairly quickly especially on his chest and back. All of spots are circular in shape. He has repigmented a big spot on his neck. H

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How to Cope " Hannah's Story"

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in quite sometime now.  My daughter Hannah was diagnosed with Vitiligo since she was 3 years old.  I noticed a white spot on her belly that continued to grow with time.  I googled online white patches on belly and it cam

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Pen Pals

Does anyone have a son around the age of 8 that has vitiligo that would like to be pen pals with my son?  My son doesn't know anyone who has vitiligo and I know he would love to communicate with someone who also has it. 




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Hello. Im fairly new to the site and feel so blessed finding it and of course the parents corner. My four year old son was diagnosed a few months ago with his first spot forming in his rectal area.. After all the emotions i decided to gear up and def

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My son was diagnosed at 5 years old with vitiligo. It was only on his hands and with Protopic he repigmented. He is 8 now and it has rapidly spread all over his body. We are in the process of getting a NB UVB light to start light therapy. We ae prayi

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Steroids for 2.5 year old?

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to Vit. Just recently, my 2.5 year old daughter has been diagnosed to have vit and I would appreciate any info/suggestion from experienced Parents.

Our Pediatric Derm has prescribed Steroid Cream for my daughter.Can

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Vitiligo Awareness

What i am saying might sound stupid but just a thought. What can be the better media to spread vitiligo awareness than television. and what can be better channel to spread awareness among Kids than Disney Channel. Can we do something like requesting

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Trying a Nutritional Approach

I just posted this from my personal page but don't know how to just share that discussion in here so I apologise if it becomes redundant. Please let me know if any of you have tried nutritional changes and what your results have been...

I'm embarking

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Vitiligo + fatigue?

I'm curious to know if any other parents have witnessed signs of fatigue in their children w/Vitiligo. My daughter just turned 9 and has had vitiligo since she was 3. Lately she's been getting involved in more sporting activities, and we've noticed s

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Does anyone who has insurance that does NOT pay for their child's protopic order it from Canada?  If so, which one do you use..I'm having problems with insurance company, and I'm not a very happy mommy.. Thanks!  You guys on here are so helpful.. I d

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Hi, has anyone had any repigment using the phototherapy lights?  I'm considering purchasing one for my daughter.  I would appreciate the feedback.  Thanks:)

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