Narrowband UVB treatment for young children?

My daughter is 6 and her skin has been responding well to the summer sun this year and her face and knees have been repigmenting. We live in the UK and I am looking into UVB for the winter months. Does anyone here use an at home UVB unit for their child? I'd be interested to hear any experiences, especially if your child is young.

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  • My son is 14 and his spots are getting very aggressive throughout his body and his derm suggested using light therapy so I'm interested as well if there is any success out there.
    • Terry,  awareness is the most important thing to fight vitiligo.

      Phototherapy is excelent, but treats only from outside. One has to address it from inside too.

      If you have time,  check and

  • I heard this from a mom I know whose daughter has vitiligo.  "We purchased a phototherapy unit from Davlin. Insurance does sometimes cover part of the cost. You have to get a prescription from her dr. I believe the phototherapy does work."

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