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  • Parents,

    Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement
    Saturday, April 8, 2017 (3p-6p)
    The Preston Theater
    2201 Preston St.
    Houston, Texas 77003


    We will have a pediatric dermatologist present information. Hope you can make it!
  • Hi,

    my son is 5. He developed vitaligo when he was 3. he has a large white spot in the genital area which reaches his belly button and a small one on the knee. he started asking me about his white spots, also because it is almost a year we treat him with creams. so far, he is just curious about it. He is going to start school in September and I want to provide him with a clear explanation so he can use it with confidence if other kids ask him about it.

    I would very much appreciate any suggestions based on your experience of being parents of kids with vitaligo or being people with vitaligo who already went through their childhood. What is the best thing to say, especially taking into account that a kid will use the same explanation when he is asked about it?

    Thank you,


  • I stopped consuming sour foods including fruits,mangoes and pineapple and my Vitiligo stopped also.no creams or lotion or anything and see repigmentation but a bit slow. .
  • Spend some time and read the possible vitiligo triggers and causes at:  www.vitiligomap.com

    Btw, a good suggestion is to follow a Functional Treatment.  Find it at:   www.vitiligomap.com/protocol.html

  • I think my family got unlucky that 2 of my 3 kids have vitiligo.  Somewhere I read that if a parent has vitiligo, the odds of one of their kids having it was 5% ... but don't quote me on that!

  • Thank you Sonia. Is it possible my 3 yr old may get this as well?
  • Hi Lisa, autoimmune disease can be genetic.  I think my daughters have vitiligo because I have thyroid disease, as do members of my husband's family.  Vitiligo and thyroid disease often come together (in fact, one of my girls also has Hashimoto's).  I backed away from the creams because for one of my girls, the vitiligo exploded all over her body with the onset of puberty, and it was not realistic to slather her with cream everywhere.  Personally, I treat vitiligo as an autoimmune disease and not a skin disease (Derm's know precious little about autoimmunity).  I suggest researching "leaky gut" and take a look at "the paleo mom's" website.  You can also google "vitiligo and gluten" and see what you think of that.  All the best.

  • If it is genetic does that mean it's not an autoimmune? At the time of our visit I did not know that my husbands aunt has it on her legs. They did not do bloodworm just looked at the spots and said it was vitiligo.
  • Hi. My 6 yr old son was diagnosed about 4 months ago. The dermatologist has prescribed tacrolimus ointment 0.1 and a mild steroid cream. He then changed the steroid to a slightly stronger one. His patches are on his cheeks eyelids legs and hands. After 4 months, his hands and legsare developing more patches slowly but surely. On the other hand the patches on his face are getting their colour back equally slowly and surely. He takes a multi vitamin syrup and I try to restrict his gluten intake which is difficult since he loves bread! Oh he also needs to be in the sun 15 min a day. I'm not sure what exactly is working. But I'm thankful to see some iimprovement on his face at least. Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce stress in kids? My son is very fearful and reacts extremely to situations. Very happy or very angry. I worry that this nature increases vitiligo.
  • No one know for a fact what is causing Vitiligo, if someone is telling me that he knows exactly what to do to help it, I'm gonna run. We tried to change the diet, we tried supplements, we tried the supposedly magic little cream from a naturopath with no real success. So for now on, we are just dealing with it, we are positive about it, we are not making  a big deal about it with our daughter. At the really beginning, we were on a panic mode, I made so many changes in our diet and stuff that I think I was causing more harm than good, it was too stressful for her. We finally find our balance with her vit, it is not stressful anymore, it's not even a big concern, and more importantly we are in peace with it. I passed so many hours reading everything on this site, and to be quite honest, there is no magic way to get rid of it, something who seems to work for one, won't have any success for the other one. I don't really come here now, I am  kind of tired to hear that the doctors no nothing and  the naturopath know more, it's not true, NOBODY know. At least the doctors are honest by saying they don't really understand this condition, they give you few options, but they don't pretend that they will get your vit to go away. One derm told me one day, I would LOVE  to tell you that it's all related to the digestive track and you just need to change your diet, but nothing right now, no serious research, is showing it to be true.

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Another newbie.

Hi. I posted in the "general discussions" but probably should have posted here as this is about my child. So, sorry for the cross posting.  I took my 10 year old daughter to the doctor's Monday for something totally unrelated and as a side note happened to ask about her white blotches on her wrists and arms. The doctor said it might be this, vitiligo. I don't know if I'm convinced and not really sure what I should do next, if anything. I'm trying not to bring much attention to my daughter…

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Narrowband UVB treatment for young children?

My daughter is 6 and her skin has been responding well to the summer sun this year and her face and knees have been repigmenting. We live in the UK and I am looking into UVB for the winter months. Does anyone here use an at home UVB unit for their child? I'd be interested to hear any experiences, especially if your child is young.

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Newbie: Tips on vitiligo coverage for beach vacation

I'm so glad I found this site! My son was diagnosed with vitiligo this time last year. In fact, his first sign of vitiligo arrived during the same exact trip we are going on again in the next few weeks. What seemed like was a very dry spot (I think it was pityriasis alba)on his outside corner mouth area got sunburned and is now vitiligo. So far that’s the only vitiligo spot he has and we are currently using protopic twice a day and it seems to be slooooooowly shrinking (not filling in).…

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Newly Diagnosed

My son has been recently diagnosed with Vitiligo. He will be four years old in September. His spots seem to be spreading fairly quickly especially on his chest and back. All of spots are circular in shape. He has repigmented a big spot on his neck. He has almost repigmented a spot by his eye and a couple spots by his elbow are freckling. I am not sure how to work on his chest and back since they are so many. He uses Elidel and a steroid cream. I think along with the sun, that is helping. I am…

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