Newbie: Tips on vitiligo coverage for beach vacation

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My son was diagnosed with vitiligo this time last year. In fact, his first sign of vitiligo arrived during the same exact trip we are going on again in the next few weeks. What seemed like was a very dry spot (I think it was pityriasis alba)on his outside corner mouth area got sunburned and is now vitiligo. So far that’s the only vitiligo spot he has and we are currently using protopic twice a day and it seems to be slooooooowly shrinking (not filling in). Anyway, we are going back to the Rivera Maya for spring break and I’m really stressing out about the sun exposure to that area. I am really good about putting sunscreen on his face and that area (Neutrogena 100+, I know there’s no evidence to additional benefit for anything over 30+, but I just feel better putting on the 100), and I just recently bought a UPF water resistant hat he can wear in the pool/ocean. I have our itinerary set up so that we are doing some excursions during the day that will allow us to be in the shade, but I know there’s going to be days where he’s going to want to swim in the pool and beach. I was thinking about maybe putting a waterproof bandaid over his spot, but I don’t know if I’m going over board, and I also don’t want him to know that I’m stressing about it. Any suggestions on what you have done when you were in the sun for a long period of time?  He’s latino, so when’s in the sun, he gets pretty tan quickly. 

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  • I'm going to reply so I can be notified if others offer suggestions! Like you, I'm looking for ideas for how to enjoy the outdoors without going over board. We were out in the sun this past weekend and I was so stressed the entire day about my daughter applying enough lotion and staying covered. I tried not to let on to her how worried I was but, according to my husband, I didn't do a very good job. Right now, the only thing she is doing is wearing 70 SPF lotion. I have rash guards and hats for her though my daughter is not too excited to wear either (she is 13 and doesn't want to stand out). 

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