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Hi, havent been on in Missed u all:) So i jus recently broke up with my ex of 15 yrs. Im talkin to someone now, and soon we will meet for the first time. he does not have vitiligo and i believe has no knowledge of it. Should i tell him n

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J.R. Martinez on Ellen

Hey everyone! I saw this interview on Ellen with J.R. Martinez. For those of you who don't know J.R. is a former U.S. soldier who was injured in Iraq. His body was burned and he has the scars to show it. He became a soap opera star and won Dancing wi

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Okay, very interesting article...

found this on the internet...most interesting to me is the piece that mentions how exposure to sun can suppress certain auto-immune diseases....vit is one of those diseases right?


I think I am being chicken because I am secretly afraid to see how m

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Just keep thinking about this

I just can't stop thinking about this vit. I have mostly white lines popping up and spots, but mostly lines.. I am very scared for what my futture holds I just don't Want to look deformed .. I don't want my huSband not to be attracted to me anymore ,

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If you are using Protopic or have used it in the past, what is the longest period of time you have used it for? My son has been using since April and it is working great! Wondering how long we can continue to use it? TIA

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For those of you that use NB UVB, how long do you treat each area? We have recently started treating my son and we are up to 2 minutes each area and no pinkness yet. What is your average time treating each area? Thanks for your help!

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Scenesse article

When a tan is good for your health

A 25-year pharmaceutical quest for a safe, effective drug to promote tanning – for medical rather than cosmetic purposes – may be approaching a positive conclusion.

The search started in the 1980s at the University

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new to site

I was diognosed with vitiligo just over a year ago the only treatment i have had is a cream that did nothing. I have noticed that slowly more patches are appearing even tho no one else notices them i am really aware that they are there. At the mome

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Treatment questions - UVA/UVB

Hi all, 


I'm just looking for more information about these UVA/UVB light treatments (whats the difference?), the procedures and costs involved? My dermatologist said that i would be required to attend the clinic for the treatment three times each w

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Auto Immune?

Just wanting to find out if Vitiligo is actually an autoimmune disorder? And if it isnt, I have heard that its associated with autoimmune disorders- or can be a symptom of autoimmune. 


Does anyone have a associated autoimmue disorder, which causes

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