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I have had vitiligo since age 5yrs. I believe mine is genetic as my grandfather also had it. I am always seeking more information about vitiligo, and would love to know people who can understand what its like to have it or who have used successful treatments :) Mine is generalized on both sides of my body, and recently appears to be spreading further non-segmental. In the past my doctor has advised that it has spread due to increased sun exposure/sunburn and during times of high stress

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  • Hi , how is life ?

  • my vitiligo did start during very stressful times. I also have a daughter who was diagnosed with this disease at 2 yrs old, but she is very fair and stays out of the sun. It really hasn't  spread and honestly isn't obvious on her. She is now 24. But mine started maybe 8 yrs ago and is spreading quickly. I don't know of anyone else in the family with this. I also have an under active thyroid and type 1 diabetes.

  • Thanks for ad mate
  • consult a homeopathy doctor for vitiligo,if your kids are administered medicine from young age theyll never get vitiligo in future,i am taking medicine from a homeopathy doctor in india(probably the best in the world), his name is Dr Kalyan Banerjee (you should search for his website on google),he is an excellent doctor,diagnosis is very good,i reccomend that you meet him if you can,though let me also inform you that its not easy to meet him,his place is always crowded with patients,but your turn will come within 3 hours if you decide to meet him.Best of luck and god bless.

  • Great keep me posted!!

  • Hi Jess, I'm on the border of NSW & Qld in Tweed Heads.

    Thanks for adding me :-)


  • Hi Jess,

    I did see a dermatologist many years ago, but he diagnosed me as a "universal" vitiligo sufferer, which means 90% of melanin affected, even my originally auburn hair is now mostly white, so since then I have just kept out of the sun and slapped sunscreen on at all times.(I use Nutrimetics sun milk fantastic and non greasy)I don't even entertain any thoughts of re pigmentation any more, best of luck if you are still able to try that route, but sorry I have no experience to pass on to you there. Hope you had a great Easter!! Chocolate always makes you feel better!!


  • hi all

    This is my views on vitiligo treatment

    When insulin production stops we inject insulin to control  sugar level

    Like wise when melonocytes stop there melanine production why not inject. Can scientists work on that

    Good Luck

  • Merry Christmas Jess!   I had an awesome trip visiting Australia a few years ago but I don't think I could ever get used to Summer weather in December.  Cheers!

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