Steve Hargadon created Vitiligo Friends
Apr 9, 2023

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  • God bless you dear friend
  • Hi Steve, don't know if you are still visit this website or not, and if you are still in asheville, or not, but thought i would touch base with you.  Hope this finds you and yours all well.  Am nearing retirement and just wondering if you are still in asheville.  We have a house in Franklin, and will be spending more time there.  One thing I will say about vitiligo, it is a constant in my life.  If you would like to connect, or not, here is my cell, 239-404-7090.  Understanding this disease and its progression is interesting, but being a nurse, I have seen and continue to see things, that are much worse, actually, no comparison.  Take care, Steve, and thanks for having this site, for people to help find their way.  Always, Jean

  • Hello dear friend, how are you doing?

  • Thank you, all is appreciated.  Jesse

  • Dear Steve! im getting use to this web page, an is a great one! very easy and workfull, fast and letting me go to evry link so easy, Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        You know, im like that ! i allwyas make the jokes at school so no one was able to make a joke first ( i was 7 years old when all started!  )   so i  cope with people making the wise move of not really caring much, then i was comfy with the dealing deal of being with this skin all day long, after that.... i started dressing weird sometimes, so people didnt look at my skin  but really into the clothes....  and i have to say that i was never shy!   ...that helped me a lot.....    until now!   but ok, one thing is to have 20 % another one is to be 70 % and getting old! jajajja   not much nice the whole thing, but!!!!!!    im looking forward for my greys!!!!!     i know that the grey hair and the full white would make a great outlook!   anyways, is about how i behave..... and mostly people like to be with happy ppl, so theres no way to become white and sad,,,,, that is the worst mistake I AGREE WITH YOU 100 !

  • Same here. At least now we're on the same continent. lol

  • Oh yes, I see it now. Thanks! I'm now in DC getting a PhD in journalism. Just started! Moved back to the states for it. Hopefully I can get a job back in the UK after it. How are you? 

  • Hi Steve. Hope all is well! Do you know how we give group admin rights to someone else?

  • Thank you. =)

  • Thank your network,thank you.

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