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March 2017 Vitiligo- asset not defect! Nov 2013 Feeling free in my Vitiligo!! It no longer holds me hostage! Sep 2012 Wow this Vitiligo journey has been a challenge! But I am definitely ok now and I am super excited about me!! I LOOK GOOD!! April 2012 Doing great with vitiligo!! Proud to show off my arms and legs!! It has truly been a journey!! Feeling beautiful in vitiligo!! Sending my love to you!! May 2010 Everyday I get bolder and bolder in my vitiligo. Having vitiligo requires boldness. But let me just start by saying it has been a long road to getting where I am today. I have been hiding and hiding like most with vitiligo. But how can I educate the public and bring awareness if I hide it? I have had vitiligo for almost 17 years. It is ALL OVER MY BODY and steadily progressing. I will post some new pictures soon showing how it has progressed. It is heavily on the top half of my body and I can no longer hide behind it. Every year I dread summer and I get so frustrated with having to wear long sleeves to try to hide it. I burn up in the heat and sweat. This summer I said well, I am going to wear ¾ length shirts. My arms are white now but my hands are not. So this is a monumental step towards bringing awareness. My fingertips are turning white and I think the white will progress up my hands to meet my white arms. I do use Jergens tanning lotion to tone down the whiteness. I am realizing that I feel ok when I show it now. People are looking at me and thinking what is that she has all over her body? When I see them stare, I have found that this is a great conversation starter. It also relaxes the person staring, because you are now educating them about your vitiligo. They can then say well it is not as bad as it looks. It is as if they are fearful of what they see. Telling them about vitiligo calms the fear in them and you. In other words, by making them comfortable, you become more comfortable. My desire now is to bring awareness and to continue to become more comfortable with it. Again, I did not get here overnight. It truly takes time – 17 years to be exact for me – and I am not totally there yet. I still will NOT wear short sleeves. Still some room to grow - not totally there - baby steps - that is what I am taking. For me it is also important to show my beautiful girls that you can be confident in your own skin regardless of how you look or feel. They are looking to me as an example as a woman and proof that regardless of the hand you are given, you can play it. But again, I still feel the trepidation and they see and feel it too! I recently posted this on my desk at work for everyone to see: VITILIGO PROGRESSIVE LOSS OF SKIN PIGMENTATION, DOES NOT HURT, IS NOT CONTAGIOUS, FOR SOME WITH VIT, AFFECTS YOUR SELF ESTEEM AND SWAG, BUT FOR ME, OTHERS SEE ME AS I SEE MYSELF, BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am a single mom of four beautiful girls. I speak to EVERYONE I see with vitiligo to discuss the vitiligo. I talk to co-workers and friends about it all the time. I developed vitiligo after a gruesome year of Medical Technology School initially and then later after working third shift and keeping my two babies after getting off work and later separation from my ex husband. I don't and you should not let Vitiligo define who you are! Say to yourself - I am somebody. I am love and I am worthy of receiving and giving love. I am delighted to meet new people and this is a great opportunity to do so. I appreciate the opportunity to be in the company of my new online vitiligo family. Stop by my page anytime to chat or send me a personal message! I am here to support you in your vitiligo regardless of your comfort level! Send me your positive energy! I need it! If you are new, Welcome, to our Community of Vitiligo Friends! Check out the FORUMS page for starters where many concerns, questions, and treatments about Vitiligo have already been discussed. Feel free to join in the discussions or add a new one if you would like to. God Bless! Cawanda

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  • Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!! :-) :-)

  • Hi thank you for the welcome!
    Sorry it has taken quite a while [. . . a year!] to post back. 

  • Hi,I am glad to see you again.I  hope I can epress myself more clear than the past.

  • Hi Cawanda.....I moved from Valdosta GA. to LA....I am here with my son & his wife & my twin grandsons. Really love spending time with my family here in Cali. They needed help so since I am retired, I made a quick decision to come here to help them out for at least 2 years. I will be coming back home April 2015.....I am still looking forward to meeting you in person(smile).... Love reading your profile info, sooooo inspirational! God bless you & your beautiful daughters.
  • Thanks for the welcome.

  • thank you for your warm welcome hope we can talk more soon

  • Thank You Cawanda :)

  • Hi Cawanda. Thank you soo much for the welcome.  WOW,  I'm reading through your page: VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!! THANK YOU!

  • Thank you so much for welcoming me. I have read all your positive words. Honestly, I'm truly feeling better about recently getting vitiligo and knowing it does not have to deter you. Thank you.
  • thank you :)

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