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  • Hi thank you for the welcome!
    Sorry it has taken quite a while [. . . a year!] to post back.

  • Thanks for the welcome! :)
  • Thank you Christie.

  • thanks for the welcome Christie ! ♡
  • Thank you for welcoming me. Chiristie

  • Thanks for the welcome!  Glad to be here!

  • Thanks Christie :)

  • Thanks for the welcome.

  • Thank-you so much.  We see the family Dr. again tomorrow to start blood work and testing for any other autoimmune disorders.  The wait to see the dermatologist is 4 months.  The Vitiligo is worsening pretty much every day now.  I took my son to the Chinese herbalist who practices TCM yesterday and have started him on Bai Shi Wan and the body oils.  He also drinks Chinese herbal tea every night.  I am in the process of doing an elimination diet to see if that helps at all. I appreciate any advice from all of you, and thank-you so much.  I am so happy that I found this place.  

  • Hi Christie, thanks for the welcome.  I came here because I have a beautiful almost three year old son who changed my life, brought so much joy and just recently noticed that he has a tiny freckle of possibly vitiligo on his neck.  I have had it for about 6 years and it has not affected me so much psychologically so I did nothing about it.  I almost felt as though it were a good thing in my life in some ways.  But I am now worried that my son has this because of my genes and I so now I'm determined to find out how to treat/manage it so it will not interfere with his life in anyway.  From you picture I am assuming you have a son too.  If you have any insights on how to deal with a child who possibly has vitiligo and how to manage it holistically I would be interested in your thoughts.  

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