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I'm a senior in nursing at UML and as much as I love nursing I cannot wait for the stressful school part to be over ( just 8 more months! :) ) I was diagnosed with vitiligo summer of 2012. Ive been treating with UVB phototherapy which has repigmented most of my face and some of my body finally !:)

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  • Hello dear friend, how are you?

  • Hi Zoe, VITFriends is a Vitiligo Supprt in Boston MA  www.vitfriends.org


  • Hi Zoe, my name is Valarie and I am the president of VITFriends VITILIGO Support Group in Boston, MA. www.vitfriends.com We were honored on June 26 to share with the Boston City Council at City Hall all about vitiligo and our support group. Our conference in July 27 at Phillip Old Colony near UMASS - Boston and so we hope that you can come. Our guest this year are from: RI, TX, NC, SC, NH, MA, NY, so we invite you.VIT%20WALK%20PLEDGE%206-25.doc.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbsmUfx6S0A

  • That sounds good, i was looking at the dates and it's in July 26, 27, 28th so about the time when i come back from my vacation. I'll most likely be there was just checking to see if more people will go to it, not too many pictures on the website of the whole event so i can get to see what its like, but i'll have to find out once i get there.

  • Hey Zoe
    You are a beautiful girl! It is so hard to have vitiligo! Mine came out from stress too! Where else do you have vit? I am doing phototherapy also and my face started hyperpigmenting in places so I am trying to figure out which is worse?! I am stressing more over having vit which is making the spots worse! Ugh!
  • Welcome. I was looking at the Vitfriends conference meeting thing in the boston area, and was wondering if you or anybody in the MA,CT,NY area have ever been to one. Was always interested in showing up to one of these to learn more about my vitiligo, and since i don't know many people who have it, only seen 2-3 in my life time.

  • You look good even with Viti ... why do you stress over your nursing studies ? Is it more important than you and your health ? Whether you stress or not the result will be the same anyways ... STOP ... take a deep breath ... and think again . Why ? Lose your health to get pffff a nursing diploma ? Really ? 

    I always say this but i will repeat myself for you " Stress eats up all the Tyrosine in your system and Tyrosine is the amino acid responsible for skin , eyes , hair pigmentation .

  • You are most most welcome here!!! Good day!!

  • Hey Welcome Zoe

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