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hi i am a nice n funny guy :)

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  • Whats up man, thanks for the request. Should look through my posts. And to everyone that does see this. Im not working for anyone but you guys ;) and mmyself. The pay is knowledge people have asked me if im trying to sell stuff or if im working for bright side ben lol which im not . I just mention it all the time because he basically provides free human biochemistry lessons with the provided archives! (: probably the best source of health information you can find on the net! Best ive found and ive been looking hard for tge past few years. He explains many many topics and health issues
  • Hi Sandhugugu, thanks for the add.

    Have a good one.

  • Thanks - I'm adding stuff all the time :)

  • Thank you for your nice compliment.  I hope you are enjoying this website.  And I love hearing other friends stories, trials, victories, and accomplishments.  I know for me each day is different, some good, some bad stuff, but I try to see the good in the bad, do you know what I mean?

    Peace be with you.

  • Thanks so much for your friend request and your kind comment about my poetry page :)

  • Hello sandhugugu,  welcome to Vitiligo Friends and also the Creative and Grateful group.  I hope you enjoy looking around the website and when you are ready, post some messages.  I see you are a nice n funny guy :) 

  • Hello and welcome !!!! Glad you joined our group !!!!

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