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Born October 89' you do the math :p. Vitiligo sucks but can be beat. I have pretty good knowledge on what to do about it but have been too lazy to actually put my own research to the test. Whoopsie.. Pretty confident that it can be healed and reversed pretty easily as long as you're doing the right things though! I've read countless stories of success and there all done pretty much the same way. You are what you consume.

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  • hi! i’m good how are you? I just got diagnosed this past june. but i’ve had it for a little over a year now. what about you?
  • Hey Kevin- I was wondering if you have seen results as in repigmenting and or stopping the spread of the vitiligo by following these nutrition ideas and Ben from the bright side? What is the main thing - the eating the supplements the digestion or all of it together!?
  • Hey, how do you know so much about natural medicine ?

  • Hi Kevin,

    I have vit also.  Have had it for about 30 years now.  I am 52 now.  It never really got that bad until lately. It is now on my fingers and that freaks me out. I get really tanned in the summer.  I am on day 2 of my newly found regime.  This is the first time I have some really sensible info on this pesky thing. Try the stuff and see what happens.

  • if possible remove the previous post i meant to type high school came out college, brain fart haha. And also how about your vitiligo, how do you manage around people, are you comfortable with it?

  • What's going on Kevin, I got the shea butter from a local beauty store in my city. It's just called African Shea Butter 100% Natural.
  • Hey Kevin, My color start coming back when I start using pure 100% African Shea butter. The shea butter changed my life, it took me out of depression.
  • Hey man how's it going?

  • hi! i use a uvb light system and it works great! i would like to do the gluten free diet but it's really hard to be consistent with it but i try to eat healthy and i have bought a few GLUTINO brands cause they have a lot of gluten free foods like break, cereal etc.

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