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February 1

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I was born with Vitiligo. Growing up, I was never able to fit in as if I were a circle in a world full of squares. I was constantly made fun of, and my peers called me names such as: acid milk, poison ivy.. the list continues, but I won't disclose all of the witty insults. Even though Vitiligo is a physical disorder it affected me emotionally, socially, mentally, and totally. The struggle was real. I always wished that I could talk to somebody else that could relate to what I was going through, but I couldn't find anyone with Vitiligo (especially somebody my age). I felt as if I were the only one in the world. Now, I feel as if I am blessed to have this uncommon skin disorder. I am now a happy owner of my disorder, and I no longer let my disorder own me. It is a privilege to share this blessing with a myriad of people, and I finally found a place where there are other people like myself.

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  • Hello Mike. You appear to be a very confident and happy individual. My name is Lena and I am launching a handbag line......"INVINCIBLE". You are probably asking yourself why I am telling you this. Originally I was only going to feature females who embody strength, courage and confidence to overcome adversities. In thinking about the word INVINCIBLE a bit further, men have great stories to share as well. Stories that unveil an amazing journey to where you are today. Please check out Redefining Beauty – A Paradigm Shift on the forum section.  I really hope to hear from you because I think the females would love a pic of you on their handbag along with your story.  I added the link to the write up.  I hope that you can view it.   It’s what I wrote for the females.  Thanks Lena mslenaann@gmail.com


  • Hello! No it's also in other places like neck, hands, stomach, and inner thighs
  • To answer. Tattoos did not help. They only made it worse. People stare more and sometimes say hurtful things. :( I'm always told- "All you have left is your face" :( people are cruel.
  • Mike, you and I are not the only ones with Vitiligo on Staten Island, but sometimes it does seem that way. Thanks for making contact. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Hello and welcome!!! Glad you joined our group!!! 

  • Thanks for accepting :) & Thats legit!! Im honored to be your first vitiligan brother! Id like to hear your story soon :) in the mean time stay safe and happy :)
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