Pittsburgh, PA


January 10


Pittsburgh, Pa

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It's Complicated

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I haven't & won't let anyone take any pictures of me. It has been a whole year since I've taken one.

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  • im just going to add it to my to do list since it is naturally very healthy

  • hi gary where did you get the butter and what brand?

  • hi gary how are you i have vitiligo and i was completed cover i medium skin completio got the puva treatment a clear f well just want to sai hi

  • Greetings from VITFriends of Boston, MA

    I just wanted to say that my husband also has vitiligo and we cannot find too many men here with it.

    Please make plans to join us in Boston for our 4th annual vitiligo gathering. Information will be posted on our vitfriends website very soon. From all of us HAPPY NEW YHEAR!

  • Hello Gary..


    Your welcome and hopefully we can work together to try and get our vitiligo under control..  Take Care,


  • Gary, good to hear back from you. It seems like this year vit kinda went crazy for many people,I know mine did and it happen while I was in treatment! I hope the cooler weather is good to us vitiligans and either slows down the progression and puts it on hold. My vit usually calms down in the winter, not sure why but it does. Do you have any family members with vit? I don't; so I dont know who to ask what when it comes to family support. But they love me no matter what my skin looks like and that's what really matters. Hugs and have a good weekend!

  • Hello Gary, Welcome to a place where we all understand! How long have you had vitiligo? I have had it over 20+ years.


  • Hey! yw ! :)
  • Hi Gary, welcome aboard!
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