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Not too fussy, but my vitiligo dampens my spirit. It takes away from me. With all that aside, you will love having me for a friend

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  • Hi, I would love to have you as a friend.I need someone to talk to about vitiligo and the very good treatment I finally found.hope to hear back from you, my name is Aaron and you can contact me at Aguablanca74@gmail.com. I am new here I will complete my profile soon, because I was not sure I wanted to post my pictures.
  • My goodness....you have a great and beautiful smile! Not sure how you are single...all them men in Jamaica need to wake up!

  • hi tia how have you been? yeh 2012 has been good to me so far little bumps but nothing to big.

  • Hi Tia...love ur pics...looks like fun times : )  Well in answer to ur question i guess i'm looking for a relationship with someone in British Columbia...unfortunately Vitiligo Singles is a small club for now so looks like i'm out of luck lol...who knows though...in a few months it will probably be a lot larger and maybe we will find a mate close to home.  So ur from Kingston..i'll bet it's so beautiful there i'd love to go for a vacation there someday...myself i'm from chilly Canada lol...in the summer its usually quite nice though and it's a huge country so there's alot of different places to travel to within Canada in the spring and summer months...i love going for road trips all over B.C. and Alberta.

    So let's chat it up sometime i'd love that...until then take care ok : )

  • hope all is well tia :) have a good day

  • o yes for sure it takes two and i want both of us to be happy. she doesnt even mention my vit and when i dont wear makeup she says.."just beautiful". thats good to hear. :)

  • lol i am never the bad guy ;) in relationships but the one who doesnt take crap so i up and leave. im trying not to be that way with this one shes really nice and i enjoy being around her alot. i can see us being together but the thing is i need to divorce my wife first. ugh its all complicated but i am trying to fix everything. i hope your holidays are good and stop searching for someone they will find you ;)

  • i been trying to keep busy. im in a new relationship and trying to work the kinkx out.lol so far so good. christmas time is a good month..family, friends and i love listening to billie holiday around this time reminds me of a teen when my mom blasted her every morning before school.

  • hi tia hows it going?

  • Tia, how are you doing? havent heard from you in a while but wanted to say hello and keep the faith!

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