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I have completely depigmented by natural progression of my vitiligo over a 50 years life span. It was hard growing up and living with my white patches, but now that I have lost all my pigment I have been much happier.

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  • Hello dear friend, how are you?

  • Hi just saying hello I haven't been on this website for a some time

  • Thank you Patricia..u r so kind..I feel relieved now..
  • Thank you
  • Loveing the American flag in the bk ground :) be better if u had a union jack next to it ;) take it easy Patricia.
  • Thanks very much for the friend request. It's lovely to meet you and the other creative and grateful people who happen to have vitiligo :)

  • Thank you Patricia, I really like the concept of this website being a platform for vitiligans to interact. Looking forward to hear from you more, and you look great :)

  • Thank you, Patricia, for giving us something beautiful to look at and indulge in  (besides our Vitiligo, that is :D). I add my voice to Nadika's , it is really nice to have a break of Vitiligo discussions every now and then :)

    God Bless!

  • And I would hug you right back !!!!!! :) :) :) Dear Pat - I enjoy looking at your drawings and photos !!!!!! It is good to talk about something here other than Vitiligo! I thought I read that you have been unwell recently? How are you now? Best wishes, always! :) :) :)      

  • Thanks for adding me in ur frn list!

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