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Im a very very very happy man now .

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  • Thank you for your words of encouragement but I am dealing with issues in my life far greater than my Vitiligo though it plays a part in what I am dealing it is not a huge factor but I must say your idea is incredible so thank you again.

  • No, but thank you for asking ;-)

  • I cant help but stress. I guess if you've never done it you dont know how hard and stressful it is. everyone in my major is stressed out. Theres no way to prevent it when you have extremely hard classes and tons of work all the time. I wouldnt say its more important than my overall health but im not going to let this disease ruin/control my life. Im in my last year what would that say about me if I gave up now? I would have wasted the last 3 years of my life so I would say finishing school is more important. esp since im seeing improvements with treatment. And I dont see why you are acting like nursing is a bad career choice im going to be better off than a lot of people i know. And I love nursing so no need to say "pffff a nursing diploma ? Really ?" thats really rude of you. If you have nothing nice to say please dont write to me at all thank you. 


  • Dude:  I love your energy and your passion, but you have got to stop throwing the F-bomb around.  This is a family-friendly site, with lots of parents and kids looking at it together.  Thanks!

  • Hi andrey how long you are using tyrosine? I mean it will turn back the white areas even if is exist a decade. Just interested.
  • Nope, I am not a model, but this comment made me smile. Thank you.

  • Hey !!I will be glad to help ! And i will !! 

  • Hello and Welcome !!!! Glad you joined our group !!!! 

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