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Gluten Free Diet - Can have !!

I have been eating wheat from childhood so don't think have gluten-allergy ...was googling around and found lot of options are available still ...


When on Gluten Free Diet what we can have:

1) All fresh fruit, All fresh vegetables, Fresh herbs and

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Vit or something else

I was thinking that sometimes I wish I had anything else besides vit,ideally I would want nothing.  But, what would I want to have instead? There are worse things to have but most things modern medicine can cure most ailments and diseases. I know thi

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Find Strength in Faith

"I'm walking in authority.  Living life without apology.  It's not wrong, dear.  I belong here.  So you might as well get used to me."  I'm walking by Donnie McClurkin


Feel no shame about your vitiligio experience.  We are all a child of God.  Crea

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Daughter recently diagnosed

Hello, my ten year old daughter was diagnosed about a month ago and, I hate to say it, but I am having a very difficult time. She doesn't realize exactly what the disease is, but I am sick with worry over her future. Hers began with a spot on her upp

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Eczema and Vitligo

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing great. I had a question and need some answers if anyone can help me out. Ive had Vitiligo for about almost 4 years now and it pretty much stopped spreading after it appeared but for a long time now ive noticed ive

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Melagenina Plus Time!!!

I just purchased some of that "Melagenina Plus" probaly take about10-14 days deleviery but Im excited I hope im in the 83% that see result read alot about it in some blogs and net but anyone with personnal expierence especialy wat helped or wat to av

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My name is Gail and I have 3 kids. I'm originally from Haiti and I live in miami since the earthquake and right after that my daughter started having white patches on her face, right in the middle but on the left side from the forehead to under the e

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