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April 24



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  • Hello, i've used derma blend several yrs ago at the early stage of my vitiligo to conceal the patches but the problem with it is that it easily rub-off thereby causing stain on your dress. And another challenge is that it covers hair follicles when applied to the skin and it prevents fresh air from reaching your body thereby causing you to experience some discomforts.
    Till some other time.
  • are you still on the gluten free diet?  please let me know?

  • what's your status?  please let me know about your status?  how is the gluten free diet working for you?

  • Antuana google: vitiligo and gluten sensitivity. Try again and your health will improve in all areas, it is not difficult if you cook your own meals, and most good restaurants have gluten sensitivity menus this days.

  • Hi Antuana.....your name is so beautiful, is it spanish?  Yeah....I agree with you about vit.  Anything that is physically wrong with a person....people  will stare and that makes you feel sooo uncomfortable and sometimes very depressed.  The only thing we vitiligo people can do is continue wearing our makeup and keep searching and praying for a cure...I believe its closer than we think.

  • Hi!I'm doing the gluten free diet now for 2 weeks......I will let You know if I see any changes!!!:)
  • Hi Antuana,


    Thanks for adding me as a friend. You are right. We must keep living and enjoying life. Congratulations on your baby.  Being a new mom is wonderful ond tiring. :-) I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • Amen and may you many blessings
  • Red Ribbon
  • Hey Antuana,,, you are from my neck of the woods.. I grew up in Peoria, Illinois..Thanks for adding me by the way
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