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  • Hey Max !!!! I am good !!!! Thank you !!! How are you ??? How is life ??? What work you do ?? Were you able to find the Protopic ointment ??? Take care !!! :) :) 

  • i am from Italy and yes my parents are in Italy.

  • Hi Max !!! How are you ??? What you say about vitiligo and stress may be true. The more we worry - the more our vitiligo spread. I think it happened to me too. May be if we stop thinking about vitiligo - the spreading will stop ?? I hope you find the Protopic (Tacrolimus) ointment in your country. Good bye !!! Nadika  

  • Hi Max !!! Thank you for your friendship too !!!! I have a little vitiligo on my face (ears, nose, lips), and a lot on my fingers, elbows, legs, waist, hip area. My vitiligo is very very old. For your face, you can ask your doctor about TACROLIMUS ointment (Protopic). This is a cream given to Eczema patients, but also used for vitiligo on the face. I have used it, and some of my face vitiligo is now gone. Bye !!!  

  • No arguments just fun ok!
  • Hi Max !!!! Happy New Year 2012 !!!!! :) :) :) If you took the medicine for 2 years, and it did not help you, then may be you try something different ?? Where in your body do you have vitiligo? Nadika

  • Hello and Welcome to Vitiligo Friends

  • Hi Max !!!! I read about the medicines you take. 3 of the medicine you take is Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E. Of the other 2 medicine you take, 1 is for the liver, and the other one is Amino Acid. I think these medicines are all good for you. Most people in this group also take Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12. Detoxifying your body on a regular basis is very good. How many months you take these medicine ??? Do you apply any medicine to your skin? Nadika   

  • Hey Max !!! I hope you had a good Christmas !!!! You are taking many medicine !!! I will check about them on the internet and see if it is similar to what others take. Take care !!! Nadika 

  • HI Max thank you for the compliment :-) I am trying my best to not have vitiligo act as a block from the things I want to attain in life, but as you may know it's quite a challenge. Cheers, and enjoy the holiday season!

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