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My communion testimony notes

God made everything beautiful even the things that we think r ugly, that's usually because we don't understand or are afraid because of r clouds. James 1: 17-18 says that every good gift comes down from Him & that by HIS own will he brought us into b

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just me

I think my vit looks alot diff than others. The reason why i say that is because it seems when i get a white spot it concentrates on that spot and just gets bigger. Does anyone else do this? Plus I have had it for 24 years. You would think i should h

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Not as it was



I was researching and came across these  articles.  I chose to share them because of how far we have come  since that time. On days when we feel not at our best,  just remember it's not as bad now compared to how these people were looked upon and

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How Long?

To those of you who are totally or at least 85% de-pigmented(naturally). How long did it take?
I know it will be different for everyone.
I would say I am only 35% de-pigmented. It is happening rapidly for me though. Every day I notice new spots.


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As a BLACK woman who has lost all pigment. I really dislike having people "constantly" ask me what’s my nationality.




So I think half the stupid stares are because they are trying to figure out what I am. Does this happen to anyo

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Has anyone ever been discriminated against due to their vitiligo since it more noticable in those of color?  If so, how did you handle it?


I was truned down from two jobs....smh!  Long story short I came out on the top in both cases.



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From Brown Skin to White Skin?

I learned that out of the 1-2% that have vitiligo in the world's population that a small percentage of those people loose all of their pigment w/out the use of meds or creams. Has anyone on here naturally lost all of their pigment and is coping with

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What Would You Do?

Happy Mothers Day to All!

Question. I received a picture from a relatively close friend whom I've known for 11 years. In the picture she put white makeup around her eyes. In the text she said "experimenting". I went thru a host of emotions in about 60

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