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  • Привет

  • Hi, Valerie -

    I was referring to the people in the snapshots above.  Even in this day and age, people stare and comment.  I know firthand, as I also have vitiligo.  For me, depigmentation therapy was the way I opted to treat it. 

  • Jackie,,,these people are ARTIST....

  • Major Vitiligo Conference -

  • I don't think or should I say you CANNOT just say their lives are horrible, I do not think that anyone would deliberately do that to themself. These artist are simply showcasing their amazing skills. 

  •  I can't even imagine how horrible the lives of those in the snapshots were. 

  • My ideas go beyond  just socializing with other vitiligans like me, I do believe that we have to build a global vitiligo community .All groups need to be organized and work together,Can any body help me? If  so, you can contact me

  • Please view my story I started on YouTube yesterday. Please like and subscribe here is the link
  • Even when I dont look that black ,actually I got two colors .I am an AfroCuban man with vitiligo for a long time.I now what it means for black people mainly , I would love to be part of your group.


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My communion testimony notes

God made everything beautiful even the things that we think r ugly, that's usually because we don't understand or are afraid because of r clouds. James 1: 17-18 says that every good gift comes down from Him & that by HIS own will he brought us into being through the word of truth, so that we should have first place among all his creatures. (James 1:18 GNT) I've wasted so much time trying to please others & look like what society accepts! Do u know I didn't appreciate or thank God for who He…

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Side show /Freak show- People of color with Vitiligo 18th and 19th century

Recently I started researching people of color with vitiligo and I found out some interesting info. Several African Americans and other people of color were Side show/ Freak show performers.   During the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States, cases of vitiligo began to attract a great deal of interest from both the lay public and the medical community, and they began to carry interesting cultural implications. Perhaps the most recognized and influential case of vitiligo from this period…

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