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February 25


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It first appeared on my hands then my knees. Later my feet. I’ve felt terror upon waking to discover new white spots. No one in my family has it so for me it is not genetic. Doctors said “Nothing can be done." "Learn to live with it." "Be grateful you don’t have anything worse.” The main treatment they recommended some studies linked to cancer. Frustration lead me on a quest to experiment with vitamins. I tested until I started getting freckles of new color in my white spots. It helps me slow the progression now. I eventually called my formula Recouleur which was even awarded a patent.

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  • Hello dear friend, how are you?

  • Hi Audrey, I live in Bartlett il, I would like to meet you so let me know ahead about meeting because I work in weekends but If I know earlier I can arrange my work schedule.
  • Thanks, Audrey!

  • It's chilly out so I'm wearing long sleeves.  Glad they hide some of the border of my original color and the vitiligo on my hands.  No one can see the difference now.

  • Hi, Audrey.  You've very much on the boundary of promoting a product here--maybe over it.  I think you've been thoughtful about how you've posted and haven't over-promoted, but I got uncomfortable when you said "The ingredients in Recouleur are exactly what people with vitiligo need in the correct amounts."  Until there are double-blind studies showing the effectiveness of your product, that's a claim I'm not comfortable with you making here.  


    I think it's OK to be on Vitiligo friends and to answer queries that are made to you about your product(s), but any unsolicited promotion of them will require that I remove you from the network.





  • thanks audrey!!!:)
  • Hi Audrey,

    Sounds like you know a great amount about treating vitiligo with vitamins and supplements.  I am new to this, my 5 year old has just been diagnosed.  I have the b12 and folic acid supplements, and some others.  I am confused about the vit C recommendation-- I've read opposing view points on its value/detriment for vitiligo.  What do you think?  And the Recouleur tablets:  do they come in a form more easily taken by children?  

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • I actually do have some vitamin questions.  I have my son on a multivitamin with an extra dose of Vit D, B12, and folic acid.  Should I be doing anything else?  Is your formulation ok for kids under 12?  How is it different than a regular MVI?  Have you seen repigmentation from vitamins alone?  Thanks for your help!  
  • Yes, I will surely have some questions :o) thank u :)
  • Hi Audrey. I have a few questions about Pseudocatalase for you. I think you mentioned putting it on your spots twice a day. So it goes only on the spots, not all over? Also, I have heard that the US formula is different than the overseas formula. Which did you use? Is it safe for children? One last question...are you still repigmented from it? Thanks for your insight.
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