January 16

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  • I rubbed the Pseudocatalase cream into my vit spots twice per day and repigmented from it! It is available in the United States, always has been. The original research was conducted at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago. One of the doctors involved in it is now making it on her own in Germany and the United Kingdom. Maybe that's where the confusion is happening. The active ingredients are the same so you will receive equal benefits no matter which you use. Are you located in the US Jen? I believe it is safe for children and for everyone, there are no harmful ingredients in it. When you speak to a pharmacist though, please ask then post the new information here. My repigmented areas remain repigmented.
  • Hi Jen sorry it took so long to get the information. But my friend (he is a procrastinator) finally got back to me. But no information. :( He said his mom couldn't remember. She said she remember using a ton of things and made a dark mixture but couldn't remember what it was. I will stay on him to try and remember. But I would be in the same boat. If my daughter did repig I wouldn't know what helped. I am trying everything right now. protopic, pepper oil mix, mustard seed mix, red clay, extra fruits/veggies, selsun, oh and lots lots more. :( But no luck so far. It is actually just getting worse. But I have noticed that the patches seem to not be growing as fast. But that usually means a new patch is about to pop up. :(
  • Yes his vit is completely gone. But what he has told me is that is was isolated to his hands and leg. He said his vit started in his late teens and his mom used all kinds of homemade mixes for years and the spots just started to get smaller and smaller. They have no idea what worked. ??? His said it was a long process though. (isn't it always) I am still waiting on her list. I think I may need to make a phone call to remind him :) I have tried many different things and she is currently using protopic. Still no results and the spots are growing in size and there are more everyday it seems. How is your son's vit doing?
  • Yes he did have results (great results) but like most vit success storied I have heard he wasn't sure what worked. He had vitiligo isolated mostly to his hands and limbs about 20 years ago. His mom used a lot of different things including the red clay. I am waiting for him to get me a list from her of the other things she used. I will be sure to not only try what she used but will also share it with everyone. :)
  • A friend brought me a huge bag of red clay from Tennessee, they had a friend who used it on their vit. I read up on it and apparently it's the copper in the red clay. But like everything, I read it takes a while to show any improvements. So I made a paste with water (but read others add ginger). She actually woke up the other day and I thought the spots where gone. I almost had a heart attack. But realized it was the dried residue from the clay paste. When I wiped it off I was a little sad, but then found the humor in it later on. Why would I ever have thought with everything I read and tried that I found a one application cure. Crazy!
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