vit pic

vit pic
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  • Gorgeous pic, congratulations to the lovely couple
  • Love from heart, not by mind......

  • @Gloria I'm not on there so I cant help you, sorry
  • I am trying to put my pic on Uniquely Beautiful people but am unsuccessful.  The response is that there is no address.  Can someone give me some advise on how to to this?

  • I seen this pic on Facebook and i wonxered if she was on viti friemds beautiful couple
  • Her husband said he put the pic on fb 2 celebrate his love 4 her on their anniversary he neva anticipated it wud go viral
  • Love this

  • This photo is beautiful.

  • very nice. :]

  • I seen this pic on fb and had to share...I think this is so wonderful and this pic it got over 200K likes on fb
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