I have very rarely seen anyone not benefiting from the GF diet. This is a life changing moment and brings hope for us Vitiligoians.
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  • Crystal, I'd say unless you haven't been diagnosed with celiac desease (or similar), keep on having beer ;)
    I believe the reduction of cereal in general is a good thing to do, but eventually it should be on your digestive tract to decide whether your body gets along with beer. For vitiligo, however, I'm not aware of any effects of a gluten-free diet.

  • Has anyone had any success going gluten free? im very much considering it but it's 100% no cheating.....i hate to give up beer :(

  • I've been gluten free, well 98% lol. Anyhow I posted pics on my page & I have seen a difference. I'm going to continue with it. I've been doing it since March.
  • Hi Shifa, I avoid roti as much as I can. Before going gluten-free I would strictly have roti and not rice. Except biryani ot course :). But now I would say 90% of the time I stick to rice. Have you started avoiding gluten yet?
  • @aamir .....do you eat roti?  how do you make it with gluten?

    where do i start?

  • Is everyone sincerly following a gluten free diet? I didnt find any harm in occasionally straying away for it. But I guess it depends on your sensitivity.

  • http://www.coeliac.org.au/gluten-free/

  • For someone to start gluten free, can anyone recommend a good website with what to or not to eat.
  • hi jill how long have been gluten free?

  • I have never seen him in Futures so maybe he is not all that good :D :D

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Concerned about my son with stomachaches

I have an 8 year old son who has vitiligo.  He started about a month ago with feeling sick sometimes after he eats.  He keeps saying that he feels like he is going to throw up.  I haven't been able to pinpoint what it is.  His pediatirician is having him take Zantac 75 twice a day to help with this, but he has been doing it for two weeks and it hasn't helped.  I remembered reading on this website how some people with vitiligo have celiac disease.  I just wanted to know for those of you who have…

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