The Repigmenting is amazing! Although my Vit has never really bothered me, or made me feel different, I learned to live with it. All this Repig stuff is just a plus, I never thought I would see it fill in with color, I always just thought I would keep losing my color.
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  • We deserve to live a good life, why should skin color affect any of that?  Yes I do see progress daily take a look at new repigmentation album I have to see results :)

    At my dermatologist we are using laser therapy and I go into a regular UVB tanning bed at a tanning salon for ONLY 5 minuntes and they have a controlled one at the derm i use too sometimes.  I do all light therapy about 2/3 times a week

  • it suprises me that most of the people who have vitiligo are living a good life ( healthy enough sport and care for there body) 

    are you making any progress with your treatment for the vitiligo ?

    what do you do with the light therapy and wich sunbeds are you using ?

  • i know what you mean re: spots around your eyes, people used to always ask me if i forgot to take my sunglasses off :/  i only started treatment in august but I have had vitiligo for about 17 years now, i am on a vitamin regimen, a variety of skin cfreams/ointmets and I jus started light therapy, it is repetitive and annoying all this upkeep, lol

  • indeed ;) what have you done so far with the vitiligo ? i'm still glad that the spots are very small, about 3cm2 for each spot on my hand (about 3 each per hand) 

    but the most anoying are the spots around my eyes, everyone always asks if i have been to wintersport (i wish !)

  • wow, some people can be so ignorant, shame on that doctor for thinking that.  If you need any info on anything, my treatments... let me know, i will be happy to share

  • she thinks it's not that important because it won't hurt you, i'm already trying to get in contact with a vitiligo research centrer here in the netherlands

  • Thank You, it's a shame your doctor does not give you support, why is that? Have you looked for another doctor?

  • keep up the positive thoughts !

    i'm still a bitt struggeling with the vitiligo, i'm lucky that its still not very noticeable but that will change when the summer come's. to bad my doctor won't support me with it....

  • Of course when it first started i was like WTF is this??? and I researched it a lil and it was devastating to me, I chose to ignore it (prob not the best thing) but by ignoring it I came to terms with it, and at this point in my life I am humbled by it, It is a part of me, nothing I can hide, I can live, or hide in my misery.  I personally, choose life :)

  • I love your positive spirit!!  It is definitely OK to be OK with your vit!!!  At the same time I definitely can relate to those that are struggling with vitiligo.  Unfortunately all vitiligans have to take the vitiligo journey!!  It takes time to come to terms with it!  It forces a look at the man/woman in the mirror!!  Keep smilinng VP!!

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