Continued repigmentation, thrilled with my results, every day i see color return somewhere new, The process is sure to take time and is not immediate, but long term, I know I will be happy <3 Love my Skin, Love my Vitiligo <3
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  • I can totally understand, deep down I miss my complete puerto rican complexion.  However, if i was "normal" then I would be just like everybody else ;) I think my Vitiligo gives me character ;)

  • I don't want to be white. I looove my Blackness.

  • Don't get me wrong, I aint mad at you. The place where you are in this process of changing skin is totally your journey to handle how you see fit. I wish it were so easy for all of us. You are the mind set we are all wishing for but unfortunately it doesn't come easy for all as for others. You can be very helpful in assisting others to be more accepting of this hideous disease. At the same time I'm never gonna lie and say the disease is pretty. I aint in denial to any truth I can see. Peace

  • I can never get rid of my Vitiligo, it will be here forever, but... I can experiment :)  Vitiligo or not, I def love me Im jus experimenting for now, if you have read my blog posts you will see that I am not happy with this repig process, its repetitive and annoying, but I have alot of friends on here that keep me going through with it, they keep telling me to not give up, I do it for them! Everyone is entitled to do as they please with there Vitiligo, I got it when I was 16 and didnt do a thing about it until last year, so... for 17 years i let my vitiligo spread and did nothing about it, I would definatley call that LOVE. 

  • Re not depigmentation!. I have found ther are three levels of acceptance with vitiligo. One you totally hate and do not accept, two you are somewhere in between - like/dislike depending on weather, etc., and three there are those of us who totally are ok with it! We have to respect each person's acceptance level. For me I journeyed from one to two to three!
  • If you love your vitiligo, why are you trying to get rid of it? We don't love those old hideous spots. You can be honest on here. You're with friends who know this disease. Aint nothen about it pretty or loveable.

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