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  • This photo is at winter, and so my skin becomes much lighter.  I am First Nations/Metis (Ojibwe/Cree/Sioux).  You can see, a spot under my nose, (right side) and around my lip, and on my lip (although not too noticeable), andlook on my right eye, around and is white, and it has gotten bigger.  I used to cover it up with cover fx but now I just leave it as is, my glasses cover it.  I know by looking at other people on this sight and others have it WAY WORSE than me (feel sorry for the pain and discomfort they feel)...and I have to try and not fall into deep depression (not just from vitiligo but by being severely abused as a child, by being adopted into a "strict" white home) etc.  But I try to happy and positive etc.

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