Going just over 2 months with vitamin Regimen, Taclonex Ointment for body and Cortizone on the face. Contineued progress of repigmentation, check out the eye lids and frecking appearing close to lash lines which will eventually fill in. See my page for my daily routine and check out my blog for my journey.
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  • yes thanx, i started seeing repig in like 4 days in use of meds actually, now after 2 months am seeing it everywhere, it is an exciting journey, thanx for your info and support
  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !  That is re-pigmentation on the eyelid.  We have so much experience with eyelid. We have first hand experience with eyelid.  Congratulations ! Just keep faith and continue with medicine.  Typically, you will begin to see progress after 2 months. Will see REAL progress with in 4 months. 


    One mistake we did was, stopped after 6 months.  With in 3 months, vit showed up again.  Then, we continued for another 6 months...and stopped. Luckily, it is almost 3 years....so far good.... 

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