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April 21



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  • You nailed it....apply all over, then an extra coat just where the spot is. It may take a few times to get it as the rim of the spot may be darker, but that's no big deal.

    As to food. I'm with you. I'd love to be a glorious 20 lbs lighter but I'm not sure how to give up something I adore so much. Keep the buns running. You look fabulous!!!

  • You're very sweet. Thank you for the kind words. I feel challenged at times (like today, haha) and wish things were easier, but they will get there.

    I use Loreal Tanning Cream the quick dry with Vitamin E version. It's cheap and effective. The trick is that it works better if your body is damp, then apply a coat over the full area you want to over and around it. Blend it in well. Then with your middle finger apply a second coat within the spots perimeter. I'm going to make a youtube tutorial for Vitties and how to apply tanning cream. Just kidding (not a bad idea -) ) . I hope your doing great.

  • I am new to this group, thanks for adding me as friend.


    God Bless

  • Hello Karen, I am really impressed with dermablend.  I have put this make up to the test several times and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking LOL. Seriously; I had to attend a funeral and was concerned about crying and the makeup coming off, I mean; that was the last thing I needed to be worried about. But to my surprise, the dermablend held up, I was patting my tears, not wiping them and the makeup stayed put. I never sleep in makeup but one night I was so tired that I fell asleep wearing it, there was some make up color on my pillow case, but I was shocked to find that the makeup overall actually stayed on and still no breakout on my face. I love this stuff and I hope it works for you because they have a color for you too. You can check it out at Macy’s.  I tried MAC in the past and it didn’t work for me at all. Take Care!

  • Thanks for the add Karen!! 
  • avoid fatty foods,processed foods,salty and alcohol...
  • Hey Karen! Thank you :) I have some vitiligo around my eyes, but I'm pretty fair and my makeup covers the majority of it! I have a big spot on my right elbow(which is why I began to worry in the first place) a few small spots on my thighs and I just developed new spots on my shoulders, small yet noticable to me! I'm struggling with this and pray every night for it not to spread much more! It's just an everyday fight in the mirror especially with summer. & I'm single and that doesn't help trying to find a decent guy who accept and love me for it ya know?! but thank you for commenting... I cannot tell with your face! what treatments do you use/have you done? anything effective?
  • Hi Karen, thanks for welcoming me, I appreciate it.  I sure could use a friend.....
  • Hi Karen, thanks for the friend invite!!  This is a great place to be!!  Take care, Cawanda
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