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Knock knock?

Hi how are you all? Why isn't there any discussions? It seems like a world is sleeping..I have just started a discussion to wake up all of you...please do leave a comment anything about what you are doing or about life or about your recent activity f

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benequine cream information

hi freindz i was not using this site for quite long time and now i m back so that i can help my freindz who are looking for depigmentation as i have almost complted this process and i am very much satisfied with the results kindly contact me asap if

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Vitiligo Experience

Hello Everyone...

I am suffering from vitiligo since 9 years (right now on both legs). But one thing i am feeling great about this is not spreading since then, and it cures almost 60%.

Just for yours information i am following Fully Vegetarian Diet.

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Heart to Heart

Hi All

I have not been on this site long but I have made some great friends on the Vit site, I did not realise that there are some really nice caring people out there in the world. Like every one else am also looking for a nice Gujurati Guy, it is ha

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