benequine cream information

hi freindz i was not using this site for quite long time and now i m back so that i can help my freindz who are looking for depigmentation as i have almost complted this process and i am very much satisfied with the results kindly contact me asap if anyone needs any details on benequine or required the same!
stay happy

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  • Can you post the link,my dear friend
  • Could you send me some information?
    • Dear Archie ,

      Hope all is good at your end . This ointment use for de pigmentation this will make you complete fair or lighten you skin
      on the area you needed . you will start getting results from 2nd or 3rd week , which will be permanent . Once you get get skin color tone of your choice stop using it .

      This Ointment used by Vitiligo Patients , TV & Ramp Models , Actors & Actresses .

      1) Vitiligo Patients use to get same color on their complete body, no body likes patchy skin vitiligo patients use on the dark skin to get the same skin like white patches on their body once they get color of dark skin same like white stop using .

      2) Models & Actors apply to get fair look once get color of their choice stop using it .

      3) used by dark people also to change their skin color from dark to fair or whit complection .

      we are regularly supplying this medicine around the globe feel free to contact if Required or need more assistance .

      Kritika .

    • How do I order this product is there a website?
  • Hi please let me know details
  • Hey kritika, could you help me with some more information abt benoquin as in from where u purchased it abd and how much time it took fr complete depigmentation. .. thnx a bunch!

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