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  • feeling lonely

  • I am using Marijuana, Cannabis,Ganja Bhang from last 4 or 5 years and its helping me out.My patches are going slowly slowly.Patches spreading speed depends on your mentally situation because when you so much of tensuon they spread fastly but marijuana make you calm and you can study marijuana, cannabis,ganja recreate dead cells as our body's colour cells stop making colour because they are dead but it creates them again.Its herbal its not a drug so go green and make your patches go away from your body.

    Just try because i know everyone tried a lot but patched never goes permanently.so i am giving you a solution its depends on you what to do with you.

  • Anyone tried https://dermamatrimony.com

    It's a matrimony site for Vitiligo people...I will register, but, wanna know about any user experience here?

  • Dear Friends,

    Marriage website Launched foe various Skin condition people refer below website go and register......


  • I am excited as a new matrimony website is going to be launched for people with Vitiligo. Its name is Derma Matrimony. Let us support this social initiative by Liking its Facebook page. 


  • Like Facebook Page #Derma Matrimony#


  • If you have any question about vitiligo or vitiligo treatment
    ,please contact Huahai Vitiligo Hospital .
    Email :vitiligotreat778@163.com
    Tel :+8618454369474

  • Hello,

    I have joined one of Facebook page, Where One member is going to launch 'Vitiligo Marriage' App very soon for vitiligo people.....If it will happen I will let you know...☺

  •  Hey.....Iam joining the site for vitiligo singles.... from  Asian -Philippines....thanks...

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Knock knock?

Hi how are you all? Why isn't there any discussions? It seems like a world is sleeping..I have just started a discussion to wake up all of you...please do leave a comment anything about what you are doing or about life or about your recent activity feel free to share... i hope i will get lot of replies...

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Heart to Heart

Hi All I have not been on this site long but I have made some great friends on the Vit site, I did not realise that there are some really nice caring people out there in the world. Like every one else am also looking for a nice Gujurati Guy, it is hard when you have vitiligo, to find a true heart person whom you can give your heart to, but am not giving up, and am glad that this site is available for us, so lets hope that we all find our true love and happiness. Sapnay

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benequine cream information

hi freindz i was not using this site for quite long time and now i m back so that i can help my freindz who are looking for depigmentation as i have almost complted this process and i am very much satisfied with the results kindly contact me asap if anyone needs any details on benequine or required the same!stay happy

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Vitiligo Experience

Hello Everyone... I am suffering from vitiligo since 9 years (right now on both legs). But one thing i am feeling great about this is not spreading since then, and it cures almost 60%. Just for yours information i am following Fully Vegetarian Diet. As per my experience - we should not use (or very less) the things like - Lemon or similar kind.I am using herbal medicine. Let me know if someone requires more information or share about them. It will be really very great to share experiences with…

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