Vitiligo Experience

Hello Everyone...

I am suffering from vitiligo since 9 years (right now on both legs). But one thing i am feeling great about this is not spreading since then, and it cures almost 60%.

Just for yours information i am following Fully Vegetarian Diet. As per my experience - we should not use (or very less) the things like - Lemon or similar kind.

I am using herbal medicine.

Let me know if someone requires more information or share about them. It will be really very great to share experiences with vitiligo and I think it can help us in curing the Vitiligo...

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  • good luck Raj with the treatment...

    do you have any family history with vitiligo?

  • Pls give me details of the herbal medicine. Thanks
  • Hey Good that you are sharing your experience..

    I have almost 30 % on my body, started taking HERBAL/AYURVEDIC medications, followed strict diet (no bread, no yogurt, no lemon, no eggplant, etc.)

    Doing Breathing exercise, its called PRANAYAM ( three different types..),

    Applying some special oil and mixture of herbs, its all through same vendor...

    I see changes on my face within 120 days.

    I quit TEA, Coffee etc., eating bland food to expedite the cure..

    I will post my pictures before and current.

    Keep sharing your experience and help others..

  • What are you using?
  • Hi Raj,

    would you please describe your diet. Did you even eat no fish? -  I´m not shure wether I could stand it.

    And what kind of herbal medicine do you take?

    I would be thankful for more information.



    • And please consume less salt in your daily uses.

    • Hi Pia,

      I don't eat either fish or egg. And I am using Black Chickpea in my breakfast. I am avoiding fast foods as much as i can. In every morning after brushing my teeth i try to vomit which helps to remove some unwanted acidic things out of body.

      I sleep at 10 - 10.30 PM (Sleeping Late Night Causes Stress). And be positive towards your life don't be stressed . Emotions plays important role in curing viti.

      Bachuchi Powder(Psoralea Corylifolia) for internal and external Use.



  • your legs became 60 % cured??

    • Yes on legs it cured more than 60% and it was on my hands, heads and near by my ear which cures completely.


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