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  • Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement
    Saturday, April 8, 2017 (3p-6p)
    The Preston Theater
    2201 Preston St.
    Houston, Texas 77003
  • I've created a campaign called Perfectly Flawed this campaign teaches people that you can control the uncontrollable. We have a launch party coming up and I would love for you to attend. Our goal is to create a bigger platform for the vitiligo community.

    Friday April 5th, 2013

    Telisha D. Gibson Project, Inc.

    Invites you to Celebrate the

    "Perfectly Flawed Project"

    Sip, Snack, Mix and Mingle

    Advance Tickets $20.00
    Door Tickets $25.00

    Cocktail Attire

    RSVP with to hold ADVANCE TICKETS
    (Please email First and Last Names of Guests)

    Proceeds from the Night's Event will fund the production of the Perfectly Flawed Project Documentary.

    372 Tompkins Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • Hello evryone.. does anyone know where to get one of those bracelets? ??
  • Hey Steve 

    How are you?  I would like to know how do I go about sending everyone on vitiligo friends a message? I am making a documentary on people living with Vitiligo... Currently I am looking for people who live in NJ/NY area can you help me get my message across??

    Thank You


    Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

    Hey Guys I am looking to do a documentary on people living with Vitiligo, I am looking to interview all ages, ethnicities. Anyone lives in jersey city, NJ and New York Metropolitan area please inbox me your contact information... This has been a long passion of mine, and also my goal is to help spread awareness Globally... I look forward to hearing from you....

    Peace and Love


  • The most effective way we can get Vitiligo awareness out there is through music.

  • I support billk's project. Are there any other initiatives we can think of??

  • Bands can be obtained at:

  • I would like to have one of the bands too! How do you go about geting one??


  • Do you know where to get those wrist bands??


  • Just wanna welcome all new vits and to let you know I gotcha back
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Vitiligo Experience

Hello Everyone... I am suffering from vitiligo since 9 years (right now on both legs). But one thing i am feeling great about this is not spreading since then, and it cures almost 60%. Just for yours information i am following Fully Vegetarian Diet. As per my experience - we should not use (or very less) the things like - Lemon or similar kind. I am using herbal medicine. Let me know if someone requires more information or share about them. It will be really very great to share experiences with…

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Share your story!

Hi everyone! The way I'm spreading the word is by doing my school senior project about vitiligo. And what I'm making is my own magazine showing that just having a different appearance does not mean you are different from anyone else and we have feelings, emotions, and dreams just like everybody else. So anyone that would like to share their story and possibly be put in my magazine (which I will send to you) just message me and I will be sure to get back to you asap. Anything helps!

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Advocacy and Campaign for World Vitiligo Day, June 25

Please show your support for adopting June 25th as: - WORLD VITILIGO DAY In a society obsessed by appearance and where physical appearance is celebrated you can feel just helpless when your appearance is threatened, often stigmatized, traumatized, and ostracized. Children are frequently teased and ridiculed by their peers. Adults experience low self-esteem, job discrimination and it interferes with relationships and marriage prospects.…

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advocation of worldwide awareness

I strongly advocate the awareness of vitiligo worldwide,  I was married and with this woman for nine years. She had a  light mark the size of an eraser on her arm (not vitiligo) I noticed it before my vitiligo was even present. She urged that I was the one who spead this to her.  She would not make love to me and would barley even hang out with me, she said she had to be 100% positive that it could not be spread. When I provided the resources she discarded the info as irrelavent.  Our marriage…

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