advocation of worldwide awareness

I strongly advocate the awareness of vitiligo worldwide,  I was married and with this woman for nine years. She had a  light mark the size of an eraser on her arm (not vitiligo) I noticed it before my vitiligo was even present. She urged that I was the one who spead this to her.  She would not make love to me and would barley even hang out with me, she said she had to be 100% positive that it could not be spread. When I provided the resources she discarded the info as irrelavent.  Our marriage needless to say fell by the wayside.  I love her very much, but I will never see her in the same light I once did before.  I pray for peoples lack of commpassion and understanding about this condition. The confidence of a persons demeanor may at times be strucken down.  Always get back up, there are all types of people in the world and the one thing that is forever constant is change. I think of vitiligo as evolution for the strong, unique, and a eye opener for many to see that beauty is only skin deep and on the inside we are all amazing creatures.Lots of Love to you all, Christopher.

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  • One day you will meet a young lady who will love you for yourself. This is just another chapter in your life and when you turn the page, life will start to look more positive. Yes love hurts and there are those that love unconditionally.
    Here in my state of Delaware we have July as Vitiligo Support and Awareness month. This year we are outreaching to other States to join us, maybe you will be able to come. If you would like information contact me at
    This site will be good for you, you will meet new friends and you will be loved. Keep your head up and keep smiling.
  • Beautiful one there Christopher, so sad that the only one who is suppose to understand and stand by you decided to join the general public who I have said overtime segregate and do all sorts becaue they are ignorant of this condition.

    Awareness worldwide is the basic thing we need to do and fortunately and unfortunately its our fight, we wear the shoe and know where it pinches. Vitiligo is not AIDS or Cancer people are beggin to idenify with, but we can the advocay so interesting that they will also be interested. Its something we have to do in our indiviaul local communities, support groups et cetra.
    If we all livng with Vitiligo wil take it upon ourselves to educate someone or some people each day...there will be a whole lot of differences.

    Its really importantt have a Vitiligo World day, a day the whole world will talk about this condition. If there is no day set asie yet I will suggest 'MJ's birthdate or deathdate' for such.

    All d best Christopher and thanks for sharing.
    • Vitiligo World Day, That is a wonderful idea!! I am going to write all my senators, congress men, president..., to push for this. If enough of us pull together we can make it happen I have faith. Getting people to understand the complexities of this disorder is going to be tough, I believe common media is a great tool to utilize. Start with friends, local papers, community T.V., radio stations,internet, senators,congressmen..., and seeing how our president is the first ever of a differnt ethnicity other than white he just might understand our fight. Keep up the spread of awareness every day. It is our duty if we want to change how people see us in the world. I really appreciate you're comments Ogo. Thank you have a great day and take care, Christopher
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