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I have been living with vitiligo for over 18 years now, I was 21 years old at the time when I was first diagnosed. I was not crazy about the news, I knew I had no choice but to deal with it. My mom also had Vitiligo and now my sister as well...Life is still beautiful, although I have my bad days, But my good days out weighs the bad ones...I know I am still beautiful in more ways than what people think beauty is; I do get the stares and I learned to ignore them, I encourage people to ask me questions vs just staring at me. Life is great to me...and I believe the universe one day will hear my calls to find a cure for this Unknown skin disorder....Until then I will walk this earth as if I own it, and I refuse to let anyone make me feel as I don't belong here, there everywhere... I am uniquely beautiful... You must be your own kind of BeAuTiFuL ~ Peace my Vitiligo brothers and sisters....Live as if it's your last day on this Universe!

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  • Thanks for the welcome message on my wall  :P

  • Mariposa, great pics!  I was inspired by reading your Profile Information; you have so much courage and strength! What really stuck out to me were the words you wrote "Until then I will walk this earth as if I own it" Love it!!!  Thank you for your supportive words of encouragement.

  • you ROCK! mariposa :)
  • hallo.. thanks for the add.!
  • Hey, how have you been? We've missed you:)
  • Its very difficult to go out among people because of vitiligol I'm afraid of the stares.
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  • I hope that you are doing well! Valarie with vitiligo in Boston
  • Thanks for being so encouraging and positive!!!
  • Hi mariposa,

    Thanks for the invite.Email me anytime
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