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May 6



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i'm 54 years old. separated for 5 years, have two two children & 2 grandchildren. i have my own insurance business. i have vitiligo for the past 5 years and i can honestly say, it has been extremely stressful.

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  • Sorry I was away for a while. I actually haven't de pigmented, tho it's happening. I just avoid the sun and am naturally pale. But it's something I might try to finish the job at some point. I know there are some other threads about it, since your post is a couple years old, did you have it done?
  • Hello! I'm a member of a non profit Vitiligo Organization called Vitfriends. We will be having our first support group meeting in Brooklyn, NY. The event will take place at the Clinton Hill Branch Brooklyn public Library on Saturday Oct 25th between 2-4pm. For more info, you can RSVP@


    Or Email me @ Vitiligocamo83@gmail.com

    Light Refreshments will be served
    Thank You
  • Hello Maritza!!

    It's to have a new friend from New York!!!  How are you?  I feel good and I'm always trying to stay positive by telling myself ..Yes, I do have Vit and it's not a Malignant Disease...So that helps me cope alot better....If that makes sense...LOL...but ready to start a new week!!!

  • hola nena aqui pasandola

  • mary call me is carmen  from florida

  • Greeting from vitiligo friends in Boston, MA  www.vitfriends.com or visit us on FB

  • Hi,greetings! You look gorgeous indeed. 

  • I do not use protopic because it is too expensive. I found a new dermatologist who is trying different topical medicines. I am probably going to start them tomorrow.

  • Dear Martina, I have an appointment with my dermato end of Sept. but 10 y ago I used Protopic and have been told after 1 month of use that it was very dangerous to use it combined with UVB.

    You should put your cream after UVB exposure and not before .....

  • hi nena sorry have not call you been a little stress on this end but getting over it 

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