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  • Привет св

  • No matter the type of Vitiligo we have . We got to stay together to beat it down.
    Try using Melagenina Plus from Cuba.
  • Hey, I'm still learning about vitiligo but reading the comments below I think the type I have is universal 

  • HELLO AND WELCOME TO VITILIGO FRIENDS!!  Looks like you are right at home!

  • Wow, I thought just having Vit at all was kind of rare, but it sounds like this is what I have. I had the white patches bilaterally on my hands, knees,elbows and feet starting at 5y/o. The patches just got bigger over the years. By the time I was about 19 or 20 I had nearly no pigment at all. My right eyebrow is white but my left is brown. My eyelashes are just the opposite! Otherwise I'm all white. Most don't believe I have Vit. They think I'm an albino or just really need a tan!
  • I never heard of it put as universal o feel I fall into the same category my hands are all white except from the back side of mu hand is soon gonna be 100% my feet are 100% now and Id never really complain except I was a surfer when I lived in California but and u loves the sun except now I get nothing but sunburn so that's a no go these days but I joined for this really interest me glad to see everyone ONE LUV YALL
  • Looking at the comments, it looks like there may be some confusion about what universal vitiligo is. It is a rare form of vitiligo in which more than 80% of the body had lost pigment. It is sometimes referred to as a total loss of pigment, but technically anyone who has over 80% of their body covered is categorized as having universal vitiligo. It can be difficult for people who have universal vitiligo to find people who understand and relate because they are past treatment options and not dealing with patchy skin like many with vitiligo. My father gave up on finding anyone else bc he could only ever find peoplewho had skin pigment left. He felt like there was nothing he could do and he was alone. Please share if you have universal vitiligo. I could see how the comments could confuse some people looking for others dealing with universal vitiligo. I feel a lot of love and compassion for people with universal vitiligo and I would live to see them get the support they are seeking. I know everyone may be seeking different things...but just in case.
  • My father has universal vitiligo. His skin had fully transitioned by the time I ws old enough to remember. I have progressive vitiligo. I am treating it, but getting more spots faster than I am freckling. Not sure if I will transition fully or not. I am the fourth generation with vitiligo (great grandfather, grandfather, father, and now me). Sending much love and support to everyone here with universal vitiligo.
  • I have universal vitiligo, I use to love the sun, now, not so much.

  • Please, support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution. It would be appreciated if you could give every member of your family or group an opportunity for signing.

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what type?

How do i know what type of vitiligo i have? i get it simutaneously on both sides of my body. if that makes, anyone? also do they manifest differently or does each eventually end up the same way

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