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October 8


Oakland, CA

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I am spiritual. I am learning to play the guitar and speak Italian. I work as a behavior analyst and am taking graduate courses toward my certification. I love camping, hiking, dancing, and singing.

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  • Hello Gia, first let me state that your photo is beautiful.  My name is Lena.  I have initiated a campaign, "Redefining Beauty" since the definition for beauty is so narrow. I have a handbag line "INVINCIBLE" that will feature people like yourself who embody strength and courage while facing adversities. I would like for you to check out my two topics that start with "Redefining Beauty" on the forum.  After reading the write up, I really hope that you will be interested in joining the team.  This is not an attempt to exploit or garner sympathy or empathy, but to spread awareness, address bullying, educate and share wonderful stories in your own words.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 
    Thanks Lena

  • Hey Gia -- I sent you an add because I also work with children with autism. I'll be finishing up my Masters in Education soon (with a focus in ABA) and will then take the BCBA exam. Nice to see someone on here doing similar work! Hope all is well ...

  • Hi Gia, It's encouraging to know that vitiligo is starting to get noticed. I've had Vit for over 35 years and still have a hard time with my condition. It's made me shy and embarrassed when I'm out in the public, always covering up as much as possible. I have become dependent on makeup to cover my vitiligo on my face that I will never leave the house without it. Keep up the positive vibes and hopefully encourage more people with vitiligo to view life more positive.

    I'm also from Oakland Ca and like you have actually never come across people with vitiligo.

  • Thanks for the comment. :)
  •  One doctor write ,what better to do nothing .Only RELAX and NOT CONCENTRATE ON THIS.Doctors working.....And we must be faithful that all be O.K.And wait,wait,wait.My skin is not dark ,so I'm using dermablend(very cool)   .And now I begin airbrush tan.EXCELLENT.!!!!!I feel much better with that.I have vitiligo 20 years.And about 60% body is white....Beleve and wait..

  •  But ALL THE TIME white spots come back.And i decided dont try nothing more ,because it keeps you all time in pressure.Plus all word scientist working on that. So WHAT WE CAN FOUND MY FRIEND NEW?

  • Hy ,friends!Do somebodies knows about CLINUVEL?Please to read about t.Whey found something new for us .But it can be available for us in couple years .Gia ,you are beautiful young women.And I like what you are so strong person.I try different treatments in my live.Sometimes it works,sometimes no.

  • Hi Gia. You have a sweet spirit that I really like. And no matter what circumstances we face, life goes on.
  • Hi Gia, it's Jackie Jessica's mom, i was just wondering if you know of anyone who has depigmented on purpose, if so what does it look like and do you anything about it pros and cons?

  • Hve you had any improvement with any treatment?

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