• It’s tough to put urself out there and meet new people ESP when dating. You’re so caught up in ur own head, and the anxiety kicks in because you don’t necessarily know what the other person is thinking, regarding ur vitiligo. I prefer to get to know someone through texts, video calls etc first, show them my vitiligo ahead of time so they know what they’re going to see in person, and then go from there. I shouldn’t have to, but I always advertise a disclaimer that I have vitiligo so that there’s so stares or surprises when you meet me in person. Since I feel prisoned in my own body by this condition, I much rather be fair to myself and the other person, so that there’s no awkward vibe when we see one another.
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  • I think I have avoided people with Vitiligo my entire life. Since I am not comfortable with my own disease I always wanted to ignore it. It is difficult to ignore it if your partner has it as well.

    As for dating I always had it in the back of my mind does it bother the person I am with. I have had several girlfriends, several long relationships and it was never brought up. My wife has never brought it up. It only annoys her when I ask her to wake up to help me with cover make up. I even still get hit on at a bar every so often. No I don't actively seek out flirtation, I am happily married to the woman of my dreams. But it does make feel better every time it happens because I am so hard physical looks.
  • Samantha you are beautiful . 

    The one thing that is really golden for a girl nowadays is not being a bitch . 

    90% is girls are bitches nowadays and is so boring and so not sexy and not nice ... them bang stupid girls think its cool to be a bitch but its so boring .

    Be a nice human and you will be loved . 

    • Thank you, Andry! Men can be just as bitchy as girls though. I think at times we all have our

      But, yes...I agree that everyone should be kind because we don't really know what other people are going through and we should never be quick to judge others because of that also.

      I often lack confidence in the way I look, but am very confident when it comes to knowing my heart and knowing who I am on the inside. I think that's what matters most. And I am thankful for the people in my life who also see that part of me instead of basing their opinions of me solely on what I look like on the outside.

      A good heart goes a long way.

  • I was fortunate to find someone who loves me for me and does not judge me based on my vitiligo. I was never comfortable with dating before until I met him. We have been together 8 years and have a daughter who will be 3 in August. I still get down on myself because of my condition, but he's the one who reminds me I'm beautiful on a daily basis.

  • What type of makeup do you use to cover? I have a few small spots in my face not usually too noticeable until the summer. Even with sunscreen on my face I still will tan some. I am pretty pale anyway. Thank you.
  • I am 32 and haven't let anybody into my life because of Vitiligo, or maybe because I have not met anyone that I will feel comfortable with to share my Vitiligo. My spots are really small and the big one I have I am able to cover it with makeup. People will never guess that I have Vit.
  • My boyfriend loves me partly because of vitiligo. He said that he was fascinated what "these strange white places on my skin" are so he had to know more about me. His care about my skin is lovely, he often takes a bottle of suntan cream and starts to paint my skin with it to "prevent a sunburn". It's really cute. I was little afraid that I can't find someone who will accept me and vitiligo also but... I found someone. So, the relationship with someone without vitiligo is normal for me. :) 

    • You are lucky that he has this kind of fetish :D . It makes me smile cause i know what he really thought :D 

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