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September 26

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I have had Vitiligo since I was 8 or 9 years old. This has caused me to be a little insecure...well a lot! but I have tried all my life not to feel this way.

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  • Hello Erika. Remain Positive, Stay Healthy by adopting a diet that combats the spread of Vitiligo. And most importantly, like me, LuvThaSkinYurIn..Anthony (primegame@hotmail.com)

  • Hey! Thanks for the friend request. I noticed your from IL as well! That's pretty cool!
  • Hello Erika, thanks for the friend request. How was your Easter?
  • Hi Erika, I became a member of this group a couple of months ago and then tried to forget about it.. denial or something. I am back here looking for friends, soul to soul, mind to mind. I have never had a female friend who had vitiligo. I can only imagine what your life has been like. I have never cried about this... I have only been angry, very angry inside. And I have slowly retreated from the world, and given up. But in my heart, i am still searching for an answer... not a cure, but an answer, for this one question: What is this for? surely if I can have that answer, I would be able to do something with it. Maybe even heal. But mostly I just want peace.


  • Hi thanks for the friend request :)
  • Welcome!!
  • Hello and welcome!!!! Glad you joined our group!!!! :) :) :)

  • Welcome to our group, I hope you enjoy it :)

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