Just a place to meet more people your age with vitiligo!  :)
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  • Привет всем

  • Hai guys. Lets we start new journey,I hope everyone help each other and enjoy

  • Let's not think about the condition we have and start a new journey ahead together,,,
    Are u with me????????
  • hey, is anyone still on here? the comments were a while ago....

  • hey, is anyone still on here? the comments were a while ago....

  • Hi friends, Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God bless you all. 

  • hey so im new, i´ve had vitiligo since i was 4 years old, right now im 16 so i was just looking to discuss experiences and ways to deal with it ( and make some friends along the way)

  • Hi, friends I'm new here, hope so that i'll get wonderful friends here......A lot to say, lot to share!!!!!
  • Hello everyone !:-)
    Im 19 n I have vitiligo when I was 13 yr.nw im studying in medical field.n im
    Hoping here to meet some friends n share a lotz of things!!!godbless evry1;-)
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Hi everyone! The way I'm spreading the word is by doing my school senior project about vitiligo. And what I'm making is my own magazine showing that just having a different appearance does not mean you are different from anyone else and we have feelings, emotions, and dreams just like everybody else. So anyone that would like to share their story and possibly be put in my magazine (which I will send to you) just message me and I will be sure to get back to you asap. C'mon teens it's my project,…

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We are young. We are teens. We haven't had Vitiligo for "very long". How do you cope with your spots? Have you ever been bullied? Have you close friends with Vit? Like, friends you see once in a while?   Discuss, teens, DISCUSS!

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