• Yes, my life would be better I think.

    I'm suffrern very long time... Can't feel normal. I'm not spenfind time at he pool with my friends, or by the lake. Just sitting alone in my room and crying. I'm trying to do my best to live with vitiligo, but since all my body has spots and it is difficult to find a healthy place on my body. Ofcourse, I have firends, who supports me, also I have a BOYFRIEND who doesn't know about my problem, because I'm hidding it well.(with selftan and etc.) But it is hard to do it every day... And I'm afraid to show him, because I love him so much, and don't want to lose him, or feel that he feels sorry for me and it is the reason why he stays. Because I can't look at my in the mirror, I'm DISGUSTING for my self, so how can I look pretty to him??? :(

    Btw, I live in Lithuania, where most of the people are untolerant I can't find anyone in my country having this disease too, everyone are to afraid of what people think, so we hiding that. And it makes me fell even worse. I hate myself, and thinking about what a wonderfull life would be without it... BUT sometimes, there are beatuful moments in my life... and then I think, that if would not have vitiligo, I would not have theese moments with my firends and boyfriend.

    Sorry, for mistakes, English is not my first language. Auguste 17 years old.

    • Thank, You very much, for these beautiful words, for support. That means a lot for me. Thank You, for inspiring me.
    • you are a beautiful young lady. It's just pigment. Just like a freckle or mole or scar. Embrace who you are and the people that really matter will accept and embrace you too. Lots of people in America have it - all races. Its just skin. you are more than your skin. You are  a person with a soul. embrace it

  • Vitiligo makes you stronger! we are overcomers!!

    Vitiligo has had a huge impact on who I am today.
    For staters having vitiligo (along with various other events in my life) has led to my large interest in genetics. I hope to eventually obtain a PhD in genetics. My long term career goal is to become a scientific researcher who looks into the causes and cures of various diseases. When I was younger my mom would tell me that I had vitiligo for a reason and that I have to make something good come out of it. I truly feel that this is what I'm supposed to do with my vitiligo and life.
    Beyond just my career interest having vitiligo has simply made me more compassionate for people who are a little different on the outside. Because I've been stared at I know what it feels like personally. I try my best not to judge others for their physical differences. It has also made me more inclined to stick up for and include someone who was not being included because again I know what it feels like when you feel like the odd man out.
    I know having vitiligo has made me who I am today and I am glad because I think it turned out for the better.
    • awesome

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