We are young. We are teens. We haven't had Vitiligo for "very long".

How do you cope with your spots?

Have you ever been bullied?

Have you close friends with Vit? Like, friends you see once in a while?


Discuss, teens, DISCUSS!

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  • Educating people about Vitiligo when they ask or stare. Under a microscope our skins is completely normal minus the melanin. There are books too.

  • I've had vitiligo since I was about 4 on my face, arms, legs, hands, and hips. I usually cope with face make up and sometimes in the summer I use a spray to cover up the spots on my legs if I'm having a bad day. but here recently it hasn't really bothered me, I guess because its winter. once short and bathing suit season starts I am very self conscious of my vit, I want to cover up and stay out of the sun. but eventually I want to look cute in my new shorts and go tanning and swimming with my friends so I try and put it in the back of my mind and act like its not there. it works sometimes...

    I haven't ever gotten bullied about it, I have also had some rude comments and remarks. stares too, I hate that.

    I don't have any friends with vit, nor have I really seen anyone in my area with vit either. but I look at my vit (or try to) in a way as its something that sets me apart from most of the world. and it makes me unique, so there is no possible way I can be like everyone else.

    some people I meet actually find it cool, which makes me feel better about it :)  

  • I personally have had vitiligo since I was a year old! I can honestly say that the way I cope with it is by using makeup that will cover the patches and by covering my arms and legs up with long sleeves, scarves, jeans or other types of clothing.

    I know its bad but where I live seeing people with vitiligo is very uncommon so I feel out of place.

    I have never been bullied Thank God but people have said comments about my vitiligo that were not very nice:(

    I do not have close friends that have this condition but where I live I do have a little friend that is 8 and is a friend of my little sister. She has it but its quite different talking to her about it because of the age difference.

  • Ive had vitiligo since I was almost two. I always get made fun of and stared at a lot since its all over my body. It's hard going out with shorts on into public cause everyone from every age stops what there doing and stare, whisper, and make disgusting faces toward me. Its pretty hard. I still can't cope with them sometimes
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