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  • Привет всем

  • Hi Londoners! I just joined this site. Are we able to get some sort of meet/driks organised at some point? Would be great if we can get a few people to join. I see something like this has been done before but looks like it may have been a while ago now. Let me know thanks!

  • Whoops me again, just signed up for 4 months herbal medication I should say

  • Hello all i'm from the uk but live in Canada, just signed up to Lifeforce  Dr Shah in India has anyone tried, theres some really good reviews ?

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    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to inform you of the upcoming Vitiligo Society Open Day on October 1st 2016.

    Last years event was sold out, and this years is set to be even better as we have talks that include stress management, nutrition best practice and also a live video stream and Q&A with Lee Thomas!

    Admission is £15 per ticket for non-members of the Society. The event is taking place near Victoria station, London. For full details and to register for the event, please click here.

    Note: There is an option to set Vitiligo Friends as “How did you hear about this event?”. This is purely to monitor where registrations have come from.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

    I look forward to meeting you there!

  • Chemical constituents from roots of Pyrostegia venusta and considerations about its medicinal importance. This paper Describes the chemical constituents isolated from roots of Pyrostegia venusta. From ethanol extract of the roots allantoin, b -sitosterol, 3b-O-b-D-glupyranosylsitosterol and hesperedin Were isolated. The structures of These natural products Were identified on the basis of spectral data, including 2D NMR of the peracetyl derivative of hesperidin.

    Keywords: Pyrostegia venusta; Bignoniaceae; allantoin; steroids; hesperedin.


  • There are people who buy the prepared elixir, but advise import from Brazil to plant St. John liana. Many people from all BNrazil has vitiligo decreased stains taking the elixir of this plant, I do not speak English fluentemas if anyone has interest in importing the plant I indicate and friends have had excellent results in the diet gluten free as well.

  • Save the Date! Vitiligo Society Open Day in London. October 1st. Details to follow.

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l imagine this should not be the case. It feels like we seem to be hiding even from each other!  (I am guilty of that too!) l thought we should be coming together as a support network! I am not getting (or giving) any. We're in this together.

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The BS you face on a day to day basis

Before i begin please forgive anything that may offend you in this post. I don't intend to go out there to harm (in any way shape or form) people. So today i shall let you guys into the happenings of my life. So i was at west ham minding my own business listening to my music (enjoying the peace), and i was approached by a man, well i say a man more safe to say he was the lowest being (in my opinion) on the face of this earth. So he turns out to be a conman just pushing his BS to someone he…

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