I wanted to start a group for those who want to share their talent, creativity, optimism and gratitude.  I spent 50+ years of depression due to my vitiligo.  Now I want to share and hear about your gifts and talents.

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  • Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Maria. I think you are right that having a positive mind set can only help. You have every reason to stay positive. Just because you have been diagnosed with vitiligo does not mean to say that you will always have it.  surprising number of people manage to fully or partially reverse theirs through various therapies. And research is ongoing into more reliable treatments are well advanced, so it looks as if drugs will be available before too long. 

  • I was diagnosed yesterday with vitiligo I have mixed feeling I don’t know what to expect I want to stay positive as I do believe that negativity would not help but would make things worst!
    I ‘d like to hear positive stories make friends speak to people from all over the world, share experience and stories.
    Particularly because I feel like people with vitiligi have so much in common and we care a lot !!
    Please help...i’d Love to hear from you ❤️
  • Hello everyone I hope you are doing well !! I am from India my story with vitiligo is from 2010 , my hand and some part of leg with that , here in India I am facing some problem regarding the same , hope to make some good friends and share some more thing hope to hear you my email is chhabrarahul2907@gmail.com
  • Hello to all my friends here.  I have been away for quite a while, but I am back and anxious to here from all of you. This was taken at our 50 year anniversary.2472622426?profile=original

  • Hi my friends. It is good to  be back, but I have to have another surgery on September 20. I would appreciate  your well wishes and  prayers.

    I hope you are all well, mind, body and spirit. let us know about yourself.

    Peace be with you.

  • Hi everyone lana

  • Hi Mary hope all is well. Lana

  • Hi everyone Lana

  • Hello McRae and welcome to the Creative and Grateful group.  I hope you enjoy reading all that is here.  Don't forget to send us a message when you can.

    Peace be with you,


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