• I think the colour of this picture explodes the imagination :) hope u enjoy it


    • Hi Sam,

      I love this picture, feel like I am in the cosmos myself.  I would love to have a print of this.

      Thanks, Sam.

  • Here is one of my newest paintings, thought I would share.


  • This is a dark picture but were u find light you explore I think :-)


  • Hi Sam, I am constantly checking out other artist online and Andre's work is some of my favorite. There are sooo many great artists out there.

  • Andrea kohn but without red :-o
    Thanks Barbara some lovely beautiful paintings. Can I ask were you came across this artist?



  • This is a painting by Andre Kohn, it makes me smile. His work is wonderful. Enjoy!

    Andre Kohn (7).jpg

    • Love it saved to my phone, iPad and jus placed on to nxt yrs calender for July :-D. Im going to check out the artist. Thank you Barbara for shareing.
  • Thats beautiful, I love the eyes most but very closely second are the colours used. Very deep red that stands out drew me into the whole picture. Did you do this yourself Patricia?
    • Thank you, Sam.  Yes it is my work.

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