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You are you

Hi everyone, My name is Taja  and i have  vitilligo. Which i have had since i was eight  years old. which was  sixteen  years ago for meFrom the age of four-teen years i  had strated   ultraviolet light and then i would also wore Dermablend make-up.T

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In Person Vitiligo Support Group

Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of resources provided to support people with vitiligo? The national vitiligo foundation redirects us back here for a support group and has postponed all meet and greets for one year. Please send me a message if y

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Need Support



I am new here and just recently found out I have vitiligo. As you can imagine this is difficult news although I'm really trying not to let this affect me personally. My husband is amazing but since I'm not dealing with this that well we both ag

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